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Our Katcher wellness programs include:


Trouble knowing what to eat on the go, when to find the time to prepare healthy meals, or making the grocery trip.  Katcher understands, and we can help. Call on us for your nutrition guidance, food prep services, and presentations. 

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Katcher knows what it’s like to live a life without essential vitamins. We know sluggish. We’ve felt drained. We were lacking so many vitamin options. Now we pass on our knowledge of what is best for you. Buy your Vitamins and supplements from Katcher, because we know it best. Check out our store for your Katcher essentials VitaPak. 


Empowering teens to be strong, happy, and healthy.

Exercise, healthy eating, and positive self-image reduces risk for anxiety, depression, and other health complications in teens.​
PromFit is a 4 week/ 8 session program that empowers youth to:​
> Make healthy food choices​
> Engage in physical activity regularly & properly​
Be educated about wellness, fitness, and nutrition ​
> Build confidence and positive self-esteem​
> Create healthy bonds and friendships​

> Have fun becoming the best they can be 

Together Katcher will work with youth to create generation of confident, healthy, and happy youth to lead the future of wellness. ​

SeniorFit - Oak Street Gary

 Working with Seniors requires expertise in safety and execution that all Katcher instructors have. Join us at one of our SeniorFit classes or start your own senior program  today! See calendar for our next class. 


Calling all strong mommies who are expecting or baby already in tow. We have the fitness class for you. Bring baby to our Mommy & Baby classes and add a little more challenge to your workout. Pregnant Moms who exercise during pregnancy have better labor experiences and postpartum recovery in many cases.



We build good habits early in life. Our KidFit program teaches both nutrition and exercise in a fun and active way to youth. Hooray for kids burning calories and learning about living a healthy life. Let us bring KidFit to your youth group.

KatcherFit Classes

We are happy to give you emulti style, multi level  fitness class options. From HITT, to weight training, to rhythmic cardio, strengthening & toning, kickboxing, circuit training,  and more. 

This is your one stop shop group fitness program
Take a KatcherFit class and give your body the attention it deserves. 

See calendar for our next class. 



KatchUp Kamp

Let’s get together and challenge ourselves to lose weight and inches, eat healthier, create a new lifestyle, and live better. Oh and winners get a prize. Lose big, win bigger. Let us create a challenge for your group or workplace.


Call (219) 595-9195 or email [email protected] to schedule your Katcher Challenge.

Workshops catered to you. Schedule today.

Health knowledge is power and  life. We bring it to you. Choose one of our many wellness topics and build your own workshop or schedule  one of our Katcher professionals to speak at your next event. 

Call (219) 595-9195 or email [email protected] to schedule your Katcher Workshop.

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